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In a sari-sari store in our community, few blocks away from our house, I am always treated with special attention. The owner of the store is an old couple; too old they could be my parents   or even my grandparents. Even though they are twice, even thrice as old as I am, they always talk to me with the words “Ho or Opo Sir”, not because I am a “good paying-suki” but simply because I am a teacher.

When I play basketball, old and young; good and not-so-good; team mates and opposing players alike treats me with respect, not because I am the best player there is, but simply because I am a teacher.

In a queue of a line, an old couple, who are both retired teachers, was allowed to go in front, not because they are old, but because most of those who are in line are their former students.

These are just some of the “small unofficial benefits” given to a teacher.

But along these small benefits come big duties and responsibilities.

Just like any other profession, teaching is not a walk in the park. It’s not easy to become a professional teacher.

According to Article IV Section 1 and 2 of Resolution No. 435, series of 1997, also known as the CODE OF ETHICS of Professional Teachers, adopted and promulgated by the PRC’s BOARD for PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS: (1) Every teacher shall actively help insure that teaching is the noblest profession, and shall manifest genuine enthusiasm and pride in teaching as a noble calling; and (2) Every teacher shall uphold the highest possible standards of quality education, shall make the best preparation for the career of teaching, and shall be at his best at all times in the practice of the profession.

A friend once asked me a question; bakit ka nag-teacher, mas bagay sa ‘yo kung tinapos mo ang engineering? I answered the question with a question; bakit masama ba maging teacher?

I am happy with what I am doing now. And I am proud to say that I am a teacher.

I will not get a huge Pabaon when I retire. My family can’t go for trips abroad, even if I save every centavo of my salary for two years. A lifetime savings will not be enough to buy a huge house in a posh subdivision. It’s only in my dreams that I can have a third-hand high-end sports car.

But in the end, these are not important.

I will receive heaps of smiles as Pabaon when I retire. Tens, maybe hundreds of former students may have the opportunity to work abroad, and give me gratitude for helping them achieve it; one of them could even become the future president of the Philippines.

The best of it all, at the end of each day, I know I can sleep soundly, beside me is my wife who is also a teacher, with us are our son and daughter who we  dearly love.

Teaching is indeed the noblest profession. And I am doing all my best to keep it that way…

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curacha,alcamfor and volleyball

Yesterday, our school was invited to give an intermission number for the closing ceremony of an event conducted by the Caviteños of Southern California and I am one of those who are asked to perform. The audience are Filipino-Americans, who have been living abroad for a very long time. Together with fellow teachers, we decided to perform our two favorites, the “Curacha and Alcamfor”.  We are very much applauded, that in just a short notice we were able to give a great performance.

A teacher’s work is not confined inside the four corners of the classroom. There are many times that we have to leave the room, and teach even those who have already graduated, not as  classroom teachers but as ambassadors, showcasing our country’s rich heritage and culture.

Last November, priests from parishes around the province, called the school and asked for a friendly volleyball game with the teachers.   They called themselves THE CAVITE CLERGIES.

We formed a team, kasama ang iba pang lalakeng guro. We had a great game, their defense is excellent, but in the end it was our offense that prevailed. Masaya kami, pero mas masaya ang mga nakapanood na mga estudyante.

A teacher’s work is not confined inside the four corners of the classroom. There are many times that we have to leave the room, and teach not as  classroom teachers but as role models.

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Last week, in a grouping activity with I-Science Class, one of my students approached me and asked a question about a recent classroom discussion in the History and Development of Measurement. With a dictionary in his hand, he asked me if the word “fathom” really is a term used in measurement. According to the dictionary, he said, fathom means “the depth of the sea”, and thus implying that what I have discussed is wrong.

My student didn’t realize that the dictionary he is holding does not have all the meaning of the word fathom, which technically is equivalent to 6 ft, and is used to measure the depth of a body of water.

At times, students like him can break a teacher’s self esteem.

I have to answer his question in a good manner, and tell him that he needs to believe me. I need him to trust me.

What he did may be offending. But I know he did not mean to embarrass me, he did not mean to question me. He just followed his instincts… deep inside him; he knew he needs to learn.

Our students are still young; they are in their formative years. There are times when their decisions and actions are not thought of, and they don’t know what will be its outcome, and we, as teachers must always understand this.

May mga batang basta na lang nakikipag-away dala ng kapusukan. Mag-oover sa bakod dahil indi na nawiwili sa loob ng paaralan. Mag-iingay o kya nama’y tulala sa klase nang walang dahilan. These are all because they are still young. Dala lang yun ng kanilang kabataan, masama eh kung trenta anyos na eh ganun pa din ang ginagawa. Bilang isang guro, dapat natin silang unawain, hindi upang kunsintihin kundi upang gabayan na pumili ng tamang desisyon.

In the years to come, they will start to grow, not only physically, but also emotionally and intellectually. They will become the mature person that we want them to be. They will be successful in their chosen field, and maybe, just maybe, in their busy life, they will remember us, that in one way or another, we, their teachers, were once part of their life.

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A few weeks before the start of the school year, I was instructed to attend a seminar in Dasmariñas. I was excited as it is my first time to attend a regional seminar. I didn’t know the scope, and I didn’t know what to expect.

The seminar, it turned out, was about the new Secondary Curriculum.

In our country, it is customary to update the curriculum for every ten years. But now, after only 8 years since the Revised Basic Esducation Curriculum was adopted, a new curriculum will be implemented. There are many questions. Why too early? When will it start? Do we have enough time to prepare?

At first I was doubtful, but later halfway through, I believe, that as a teacher, it’s time we do things differently and better.

With the new 2010 SECONDARY EDUCATION CURRICULUM, anchored on its core the UbD template, we teachers are expected to teach for thinking and not to teach for facts. To develop students who are functionally literate and are ready to face life.

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January 20, 2010

Mabilis talaga ang panahon… kailan lang ay nagsisimula akong magturo at hindi ko halos namalayan ay eto, five years na ako, officially, sa TMCNHS!

Malapit ng matapos  ang June 2004 ng ako’y matawagan, meron daw item na bago para sa Mathematics teacher, nagtuturo pa ako noon sa Rogationist College sa Silang. Nung una, medyo nagdadalawang isip pa ako. Mahirap iwan ang eskwelahang unti-unti ng napapamahal. Sa maikling panahon ng pagtigil ko dun, naging maayos at walang problema ang aking pagtuturo…

Pero, mapahihindian ko ba ang paaralang may malaking bahagi sa aking buhay!

Kasabay ng paglipat ay isang balita.Hindi inaasahan, subalit balita’y hatid ang lubos na galak at tagumpay! ( Sa ibang kwento na ‘yan… coming soon next month, February 2010)

Masaya, very fulfilling ang pagsisimula. Masarap magturo,  masarap makasama at maging co-teacher ang mga naging teacher ko noon…

Pero may problema pa din pala…

September 2004 na eh hindi pa din dumating ang aming appointment, may problemang mahirap intindihin… mahigit 2 buwan na pero wala pa ding kasiguraduhan…

hanggang sa nag-pasya muna akong mag-leave, kung binata sana ako… Ok lang maghintay, pero may binubuong pamilyang nakasalalay..

akala ko’y talagang indi adya na maging guro ako sa TMCNHS…

hanggang dumating ang January 20, 2005… muli akong tinawagan, at pinagrereport.. eto na teacher na talaga ako!

Hindi ko pinangarap na maging guro ako. Kahit ako’y mula sa pamilya ng mga teacher,  wla  sa hinagap ko na ako’y magiging isang guro.

Pinangarap kong maging engineer, doctor o kya’y lawyer. Ginusto ko din na maging isang professional basketball player, o di kaya ay isang sundalo, pumasok din sa isip ko ang pagpapari. Marami akong pangarap sa buhay, pero wala dun ang pangarap na balang araw ako’y maging tagapagturo.Pero dahil sa hindi maipaliwanag na mga ironies ng buhay, ‘eto ako ngayon – isang Mathematics teacher…

at masaya na ako sa pagiging guro!

ni hindi ko nga namalayan na nakakalimang taon na ako…

sa limang taon, madami-dami na din ang aking naturuan, at natutunan…

sana madagdagan pa ang mga ito…

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dahil sa shifting, marami akong nagagawa, mga bagay na gusto kong gawin dati, pero indi magawa-gawa dahil walang time…

1. mag-blog…

with so much free time to spend, eto meron na uli akong bagong blog site! (yehey!)

2. mag-bike….


dahil wala ng mapagbasketbolan, pagbbike na lang ang pedeng papawisan,

matagal ng napa-istak yung bike,medyo  kinakalawang na,

ngayon kelangan ko ng bumili ng helmet,pra makalayo naman!



3. mag-drawing

eto talaga ang gusto ko! (alam ng mga estudyante ko yan!),meron pa akong nadiskubreng site…

great help talaga!

may mga damdamin na kung minsan eh indi kyang sabihin… pero sa tulong ng pagddrawing eh nasasabi ko kung ano yung nadarama…

eto ang ilang sample…

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bigay ko din kay shiela…

indi pa din kami mag-asawa nun

kinopya ko lang sa isang

lumang AD sa dyaryo

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