my old guitar

One day, last summer, while looking for something in my parent’s house, di ko na matandaan ang hinanap ko, I  stumbled upon my old guitar. I share ownership of it with my twin brother, but I always proudly say that the guitar is mine.

The old guitar is already dilapidated. Its once proud color is now faded and pale. With its splintered body and missing strings, my old guitar is clearly out of tune. It could not even produce the sound it is meant to generate, sintunadong sintunado na, a far cry from its grandeur and elegance when it is still new, more than a decade and two years ago.

In the year 1995, when I was still studying in Polytechnic University of the Philippines, taking up BS Electronics and Communications Engineering, I started to feel the eagerness to learn to play the guitar. During those times, rock bands with great guitarist are popular. The music of Filipino bands with magnificent guitar play, lord over other music genre. And teenagers would gather and sing popular songs around a peer playing a guitar, astig pag marunong kang mag-gitara.

I could still remember the day I bought the guitar. In a music store near our school, that early Wednesday morning, I could not decide which guitar to choose. There are so many to choose from. Different design, different colors, different sizes, different choices. I ended up choosing this jumbo, naturally colored brown reddish beautiful guitar.

The guitar looks like the one I saw in TV, it is smooth, and its color reflects light, sobrang kintab. And above all, my new guitar sounds great, really really great, buong buo kung tumunog. With its big body, its sound echoes in great elegance. My twin brother liked it when he first saw our new guitar.

My brother and I would take turn to learn to play the guitar, with the help of a free chords book that came with it, minsan may away pa kung sino ma-uuna. Lumipas ang maraming araw at buwan, at napaka-kapal na kalyo sa daliri, bago ako natutong tumipa ng gitara. Sa wakas nakaka-buo na din ng isang kanta.

Years pass by, and the guitar grows old as I grow old. My guitar becomes part of my life. It sounds happy when I’m happy; it plays sad music when I’m sad.

Years pass by and I did not finish my first course.

I gained life experiences.

I took up BS Education Major in Mathematics.

Nanligaw kasama ang gitara.

Naka-graduate at nakapagturo, at nagsaya kasama ang gitara.

Nakapag-asawa. Nagka-anak.

I am now a teacher. A dedicated teacher.

Yung gitara namin napabayaan na.

I brought my wrecked guitar home, and made a plan. I will try to restore the greatness of my guitar.

Using wood glue and sand paper, I worked every afternoon, after attending the summer seminar; I tried to patch up what is wrong with my guitar. I bought a new set of strings. And tested it if it would still sound like a guitar. Tumunog naman ng ayos.It still looks old and pale, but it sounds great. With a few more work to do, maibabalik ko din siguro sa dating ganda.

When I was young, my fellow kabataans jams with me, as I make music with my guitar.

Now, after a day’s tiring work at school, wala na ang mga tropang nakikinig sa pag-tugtog ko,wala na din ang dating ganda ng gitara ko. But in spite of this, I still play music with my guitar, because, my son, my daughter and my loving wife is always there, pangit man ang tugtugin ko, luma man ang gitara ko, they are always there to lend their ears, as I strum the strings of my old guitar.

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