Last week, in a grouping activity with I-Science Class, one of my students approached me and asked a question about a recent classroom discussion in the History and Development of Measurement. With a dictionary in his hand, he asked me if the word “fathom” really is a term used in measurement. According to the dictionary, he said, fathom means “the depth of the sea”, and thus implying that what I have discussed is wrong.

My student didn’t realize that the dictionary he is holding does not have all the meaning of the word fathom, which technically is equivalent to 6 ft, and is used to measure the depth of a body of water.

At times, students like him can break a teacher’s self esteem.

I have to answer his question in a good manner, and tell him that he needs to believe me. I need him to trust me.

What he did may be offending. But I know he did not mean to embarrass me, he did not mean to question me. He just followed his instincts… deep inside him; he knew he needs to learn.

Our students are still young; they are in their formative years. There are times when their decisions and actions are not thought of, and they don’t know what will be its outcome, and we, as teachers must always understand this.

May mga batang basta na lang nakikipag-away dala ng kapusukan. Mag-oover sa bakod dahil indi na nawiwili sa loob ng paaralan. Mag-iingay o kya nama’y tulala sa klase nang walang dahilan. These are all because they are still young. Dala lang yun ng kanilang kabataan, masama eh kung trenta anyos na eh ganun pa din ang ginagawa. Bilang isang guro, dapat natin silang unawain, hindi upang kunsintihin kundi upang gabayan na pumili ng tamang desisyon.

In the years to come, they will start to grow, not only physically, but also emotionally and intellectually. They will become the mature person that we want them to be. They will be successful in their chosen field, and maybe, just maybe, in their busy life, they will remember us, that in one way or another, we, their teachers, were once part of their life.

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